• Ron Gehrke II
  • My love for design started as a 13 year old in a journalism class with a bootleg copy of Photoshop. Using all of my savings to max out my computer at 64mb of RAM, I spent my free time trying to recreate album covers and scenes from sci-fi movies. Post high-school, my first job included designing children’s books for a startup, becoming paper-rich and loosing it all when the dotCom bubble burst.

    As Worship Arts & Media Pastor at Lakeside Fellowship Church in Vero Beach, FL, I am responsible for conveying the vision of the church in all of our print, web, presentation and video elements. This also includes production design (stage, lighting, audio) and management of all techincal systems ranging from audio consoles to office computers. Additionally, I lead two bands, manage a team of over 50 volunteers, write copy, fix anything that is broken and serve in whatever other capacity I am needed.

    I married April, my beautiful wife and best friend, in November 2012. We are foodies who laugh all the time and go to Disney World every chance we get.

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